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Incredible Watercolor

This painting was done few years ago when I was a senior at UArts. I remember my illustration teacher was teaching us watercolor techniques and we had to bring in a painting next class. Sadly everyone brought in pretty bad pieces, including myself. He said "I am very disappointed in you guys" and he looked directly at me with disappointment. He then proceeded "I am giving you all one more chance to bring in your best work".

I went home and began this piece. I even skipped a concert for this! You know, college days and all. This was drawn from a photograph of my little cat Rasputina. The painting is of her when she was a baby. Do you see the resemblance? It took me hours, but by 1 a.m. I was done and satisfied. When I brought in this painting, I can be proud to say that my teacher's jaw dropped. He told me "If you continue to master watercolor, you can be great and build a career".

(Side note - he is a book watercolor illustrator. Hearing this from him meant a lot.)

Unfortunately, I didn't continue mastering watercolor. This is, however, one of my best paintings.

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